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Retired Jacqueline Ingrid "Jackie" Bouvier (née Gurney), occasionally referred to as Grandma Bouvier or Mrs. Bouvier, is the mother of Marge Simpson, Patty and Selma Bouvier, the widow of the late Clancy Bouvier, the mother-in-law of Homer Simpson and the grandmother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. When he was thirteen he left school and started to help his father at the farm, but discovered that he was allergic to soil. Jacqueline is now over 100 years old. *Achtung: Manche der oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links. She also had a sister named Gladys, now deceased. Gray (formerly blue) Sex [8] However, unlike Patty and Selma, Jacqueline seems to have stopped by now. back to story Recent Activity. Ihr Spitzname ist „Jackie“ und sie lebt im Altersheim. She has the tallest hair of all Simpsons characters. Jacqueline "Jackie" Bouvier er en figur i tv-serien The Simpsons, hvor hun er moder til seriens kvindelige hovedrolle Marge Simpson, samt hendes to søstre Patty og Selma Bouvier.. Moderen er kendetegnende ved at være fåmælt som følge af strube/halskatar, samt en frisure på højde med Marges.. Jacqueline Ingrid "Jackie" Bouvier (geb. November 1963 die First Lady der Vereinigten Staaten. She also had a sister named Gladys who is now deceased due to a bowel obstruction. Simpsons-Wiki ist eine Fandom-TV-Community. Games Movies TV Video. Alias(es) Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. [6] Nowadays, she lives in the Hal Roach Apartments but was also seen living in a house near a lake when her family visited her on her 80th birthday.[7]. #the simpsons #simpsons #signs #places #mr burns #monty burns #Jacqueline Bouvier #mrs bouvier … [9] She also told Homer never to call her "mom" again, although this may have meant she did not like the term, not necessarily that she did not like having Homer for a son-in-law. Na Galipedia, a Wikipedia en galego. GrandmaIngrid GurneyMrs. From younger years, James was stated as a gifted person with 260 IQ and a huge mechanical and mathematical skills. Most of Jacqueline's roles are brief, background appearances with little or no dialogue. Hair TV Show: The Simpsons Franchise: Simpsons. Jebediah Springfield was born in Axhandle, Virginia, in 1774. Alice Franz https://simpsons.fandom.com/de/wiki/Jacqueline_Bouvier?oldid=13558. Veronique Augereau. Add new page. Here is a live-action film adaption of The Simpsons. Relatives Jacqueline is a widow who only appears during major family reunions. US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy und damit vom 20. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? [15], Simpsons creator Matt Groening named Jacqueline after Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Jacqueline Bouvier, Marge's mother. Jacqueline Ingrid Gurney-Bouvier merupakan karakter fiksi dari film seri kartun televisi milik FOX, The Simpsons.Dia ialah ibu Marge Simpson, Patty dan Selma Bouvier dan isteri Clancy Bouvier.Dia muncul pertamanya dalam flashback dalam episode, "Moaning Lisa", tetapi dalam episod "Bart vs. Thanksgiving". (Redirected from Jacqueline Bouvier) The Simpsons is an American adult animated sitcom. Hab hier eine figur noch original verpackt und ungeöffnet.Die figur kann auf knopfdruck... Versand möglich. Jacqueline Bouvier Ea este soția lui Homer și mama celor 3 copii: Bart, Lisa și Maggie. However, Abraham and Burns are still seen battling for Jacqueline's affections at times. Jacqueline als junge Frau (s01e06) - Grabpic von DaKu Jacqueline Ingried Bouvier (geb. However, Jacqueline also has traits in common with Patty and Selma, including a pessimistic and critical outlook on life and rarely smiling. Alle meine Anzeigen, die zum Verkauf stehen, sind auch... Versand möglich. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte Jacqueline Bouvier in einer Rückblende der sechsten der ersten Staffel. read more. #the simpsons #simpsons #reaction #Jacqueline Bouvier #mrs bouvier #homer simpson #selma bouvier #patty bouvier #marge simpson #maggie simpson #lisa simpson #abe simpson #bart simpson #season 27 #puffless #birthday #Ling Bouvier #Ling. Eva Maria Lahl (Redirixido desde " Jacqueline Bouvier (The Simpsons) ") A familia Simpson é unha familia de personaxes ficticios que protagoniza a serie de animación The Simpsons. read synopsis #20thcenturyfox #disneyliveaction #disney #thesimpsons. Ihren ersten Auftritt hatte Jacqueline Bouvier in … Home Locations. Sie war die Ehefrau des 35. 128 Pages. Jacqueline Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (* 28. Die Familie besteht aus den Eltern Homer und Marge Simpson sowie den drei Kindern Bart, Lisa und Maggie. [10] Jacqueline's attitude towards Homer seems to have softened over the years; she even stated that "Patty and Selma are a sort of evil" when they purposely provoked Homer one night. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas.

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