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They explain why you teach what you teach and do what you do. 1 file(s) 121.56 KB. %PDF-1.3 Intent is all the curriculum planning that happens before a teacher teaches the knowledge that pupils need to learn the next thing in the curriculum. Our Intent, Implementation and Impact for Early Years Foundation Stage ... areas of the EYFS curriculum are followed and planned for to ensure there is a broad, balanced and progressive learning environment and curriculum. Forest Academy. <>>> x�\�r7}��@ި-k2���ͱ�S��XtR��m*�IZ����lmU�gO���0J�r�3������O�G�I�����&3��֦4��e�VYUDw�K��ڨ���h��QYZ�*j��B�s�$h+��2��Y(ݦY���k��MQ���l��Ach[�6]����c��m��"����N�6�ѷ�&��&/1��[�RUj�-�c�j�ީ����J�h�9����*͛&oC�iM(d-���dzU�N� y���RcMu����k�����7� e���e�yV�2-�� ��2�����IU JU������V����!q��jy�X�n�ku}q2M�KҲL[C�N����~�Q��[�H��[�� � ��TY��Rn/sD5\�\�. Our statement of intent for our whole school curriculum is to ensure our pupils develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to achieve fulfilling lives. ... EYFS Curriculum Intent. The Early Years Foundation Stage is the period of education from birth to 5 years. <> Download. +��������$\/�B�ċsq��}^�n�J|�0�8�r&��WD����"�BF��DVQ�� �á9��(.^�\K�D���3i�"� �\��r|�E�ţ���x�����Z�00�ʜF*��2J=}�����dp�H� �4��|�PQ�2R\n(�d�bER��I:�}�H�K9O��a�O��b����q::��x�$���b��{�U��cH�A��x������>� Intent, implementation and impact in early years An Ofsted inspection can be a worrying time even for the best of practitioners. 4 0 obj 4 0 obj This Framework specifies the requirement for learning and development in the Early Years and provides specific areas of learning we must cover in our curriculum. endobj ?�)��tS@" x U �c�o�`��n�����(ܽS��N��o�l�� Perhaps the more depressing result in the search is the half-day course on writing a curriculum intent statement to suit Ofsted. Nelson Academy EYFS (Early years foundation stage) Curriculum Intent Statement. stream << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> In our Foundation Stage Unit we have a Nursery Class and 2 Reception Classes. When taking on this school, I wanted children to fall back in love with learning and be totally immersed in different worlds and times; to be excited with learning. Curriculum intent at Westcott Primary School. � endobj At St John Southworth RC Primary, the EYFS curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers. Policy for the use of cameras and mobile phones. The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework places a strong emphasis on the curriculum and uses more education-based words that you may initially find difficult. How does our curriculum fit in with our aims and ethos? 3 0 obj This post was extracted from Exploring the Education Inspection Framework — a practical guide that aims to provide practitioners with a good understanding of the process of being inspected and the changes that the new EIF has brought into place. further information regarding re-opening on wednesday will be emailed to parents as soon as possible. Our connected curriculum recognises the value of providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Our Intent for the Foundation Stage Curriculum At John Ray Infants we recognise that the Foundation Stage is a unique time in the development of our children’s learning. ¤!ת���H�ʢ zqZ�tE"�~k?6�ژԀ�[�eKQi[�����ާ/�����ROS�),$�6aO�HeD�9B>��֒�Ͱܶ ��ҕ�\A��TT��Y��E��H`���u. We have 5 clear aims which are inextricably intertwined with Physical and Mental Wellbeing and Building Learning Power. Intent. learners. EYFS Curriculum Intent At Lower Park School we intend the EYFS Curriculum to be fun, engaging and child led. Curriculum - Intent, Implementation and the Impact Our Curriculum is the beating heart of our school day. We want our children to be: Ready to learn: Children have a positive, confident attitude to learning. Our aim is to enable each child to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible, self-confident citizen. Key Values and Skills at Hayfield School We want all o… You can download our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact rationale below Our Curriculum rationale is based on our school ethos and mission statement: Learning to Live and Love Life together’ At the core of our curriculum, and underpinning all areas of learning are the shared values and skills we wish our children to develop and attain. Providers ensure this by teaching a full range of subjects for as long as possible, ‘specialising’ only when necessary Intent At Nelson Academy, we believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage is crucial in securing solid foundations that children are going to continue to build upon. �ڢ��������+����0u���˞eQ1�e2*�V@��' Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are taught using the EYFS framework with an emphasis on developing key skills, knowledge and understanding through direct teaching and purposeful play. We have a broad outline of what we wish to deliver, however, we also leave room for the exploration of the children ideas they wish to pursue in the topics, encouraging and enabling child led … 1 0 obj Intent. stream %���� Curriculum Design Curriculum intent focusses on the design of the curriculum with attention to what you will deliver and why. EYFS Curriculum. Curriculum intent is: A frameworkof aims is very different from a bullet point list of aims When considering a curriculum intent framework, education and training providers need to ensure the following: Curriculum Statement . Your curriculum intent, implementation and impact are like your core beliefs for your teaching and learning in Early Years. 1 file(s) 12.67 KB. Bearwood Primary and Nursery School Curriculum Intent and Rationale Rationale: At Bearwood Primary and Nursery School, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. Create your pupil offer. At Holy Family Catholic School we believe in providing a secure foundation for future learning and development for our children. Enter Full Website. An easy example might be getting out a jigsaw puzzle. We promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and We EYFS Curriculum Intent. Where this is not practical –for example, for some learners with high levels of SEND –its curriculum is designed to be ambitious and to meet their needs • learners study the full curriculum. many thanks After you have finished doing the jigsaw you should ask yourself what ‘impact’ the activity had on the children. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 841.92 595.2] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> In evaluating the school’s educational intent, inspectors will primarily consider the curriculum leadership provided by senior, subject and curriculum … When setting out your curriculum intent, it’s crucial to think about and … Our EYFS Intent . Our EYFS Curriculum Statement . Curriculum Intent Statement. Intent, Implementation, Impact – the key to every early years curriculum The three I’s of “Intent – Implementation – Impact” work hand in hand with the three core aspects of successful early learning based on teachers’ Planning, Observation, and Assessment. At Holland House we believe that all children deserve an education rich in wonder and memorable experiences that allows children's natural creativity and curiosity to flourish, alongside the purposeful acquisition of skills and knowledge. Education and training providers need to be clear that curriculum intent is not a list of your curriculum aims published in a document or on a website. %��������� NATIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBJECT CONTENT AT EYFS In Reception, we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, published in March 2014 by the DfES. Reception | Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) ... Below are the Characteristics of Effective Learning and examples of what this learning might look like. Hillcrest Early Years Academy Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements: At Hillcrest Early Years Academy, our curriculum is designed to be creative, inspiring, challenging, memorable and to provide all children with opportunities where doors are opened to dream for the future. The themes are based on foundational ideas coming from the EYFS curriculum: from “how to friendships grow?” as part of PSED, to “how can I be healthy?” related to health and self-care.

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