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Everything you need to know to get started on https://www.pond5.com/. Pond 5 is one of the leading agencies in stock photography and videography. Your Contributor Level Subscription Credits; 1 (0-999) $0.216: 30%: 2 (1000-4999) $0.288: 40%: 3 (5000-19999) $0.360: 50%: 4 (20000-49999) $0.374: 52%: 5 (50000-99999) $0.389: 54%: 6 (100000-499999) $0.403: 56%: 7 (500000-999999) $0.418: 58%: 8 (>1,000,000) $0.432: 60%: All earnings will be rounded to the nearest USD$0.01. Review our plans. Jeremy 3 reviews. October 2008 $500k initial angel investment. They couldn't present "new" content to the customers during christmas time. Simply let us know by writing support@pond5.com and we'll ensure that you are taken care of. Posted at 08:13h in Reviews by Lee Torrens 3 Comments. The only thing I would say is that the price is really expensive for individuals, just starting content creator like myself who need to incorporate various B roll footage. References in Contributor Agreement to “this Agreement” mean the Contributor Agreement as modified or supplemented by in these Music Publishing Terms. Reply. They have one of the largest collections of stock videos, with 5.5 million Royalty Free footage clips. As Pond5 contributors, they can earn substantial incremental income, setting their own prices and receiving an industry-leading share of the resulting revenue. Pond5 has just announced the release of their new website upgrade that benefits both buyers and contributors of stock photos and media. 10. They also have a subscription option to get lots of stock videos for a cheap, fixed fee. If you ever need a hand with conversions, our support team will happily see that you receive a working file at no additional charge. Useful. Author Topic: Pond5 - average review time? Pond5 contributors set their own prices and earn an industry-leading percentage of every sale. Reply from Pond5. To summarise this Pond5 review we can say that it is a great place for video, audio, After Effects or 3D producers. Read 1 more review about Pond5 Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Gayle Martin 3 reviews. Read 2 more reviews about Pond5 Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore alexandra mas 1 review. With possibility of setting your own prices and 50/50 revenue split it is very promising. The contributing experience is as rewarding as the buying experience on Pond5. Pond5 Review. They have one of the largest collections of stock videos, with 5.5 million Royalty Free footage clips. I haven't looked at their contract, but it looks from the above that they must be assuming responsibility for any legal issues. That’s unique with the big microstock agencies! Minimum payout amount is $25 which is also less than many others. Contributor Tips How to Price Your Pond5 Media for Maximum Profit: A Brief Guide. Share. 1 review for Pond5, 4.0 stars: 'I am an artist contributor (ErickMcNerney) and have nothing but great things to say about them. March 2006 Pond5 launches the first royalty-free video marketplace. Your work remains yours. It was disappointing to read this review, as it does not resemble anything I've witnessed or been a part of at Pond5. Comments June 9, 2016. Contributors agree to the relevant contributor agreements for all three types of licence upon upload, so that when the licence is allocated, images are available to license straight away. " NPACT General Manager John Ford and Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman made today’s announcement. New features on Pond5 for contributors. The Right Music Track for the Right Price . They also have a subscription option to get lots of stock videos for a cheap, fixed fee. Share. Thank you,Pond5. 10. It also means that Pond5’s contributors can reach an even bigger market of stock media buyers. Popular Days. I was working on a memorial video for a friend's service and found the perfect music track for a very reasonable price. Pond5 review: Pros and Cons. As a kind note, we only have the file as it is provided by the Contributor. When you upload your work to sell on Pond5, you decide your own price and earn 50% of every sale. Set your own prices and collect a higher royalty than other marketplaces. US. Their focus is images but they also focus on a community-based development model that they call the Dream Team. They are arguably the best source online for stock video but as a contributor, my focus is their music. Share. Nov 3. All contributors licensing their content on Pond5 receive an industry-leading revenue share. We’ve got plans for every project. 19. Arguably the dominant agency in microstock video, Pond5 started accepting direct submissions of photos last year. 17. It is not yet scheduled a subscription plan for buyers. They have a distinctive buying model: every contributor prices their own content, resulting in a very wide range of pricing. 10. With three new features to enhance the contributing experience in addition to the Pond5 contribution system, artists, filmmakers and photographers will find it easy and rewarding for their brand on Pond5. Retain your rights. It is part of who we are. Through the deal, Pond5 will offer NPACT members unique access to more than 8 million professionally filmed video clips from its global network of over 25,000 cinematographers in 150 countries. Start Selling . 17. Link to post Share on other sites. They have a distinctive buying model: every contributor prices their own content, resulting in a very wide range of pricing. Most of the content have still been waiting for curating? Shutterstock Contributor Review 2020 - Definitive review of selling with the best microstock agency Shutterstock from a contributors perspective. Pond5: A Timeline. I'd want to be extremely sure about that via their contract, though. Pond5 is a stock agency specialized in stock footage. Whether you’re working with a big budget or need to buy on the fly, we’ve got a plan that will work for you. as a visual artist Pond5 offers me the… as a visual artist Pond5 offers me the needed material to follow my inspirations and finalise projects with professional material Useful. That’s literally up to you; Pond5 really trusts their community of artists and lets them set their own prices! News & Reviews. Pond5 allows contributors to fix the selling price of their works with a single and unchangeable type of commission of 50%, one of the highest in circulation. Payments to the contributors are made on demand, but it?s possible to set them automatically once the minimum threshold ($25) is exceeded. Pond5: Music Marketplace Review In the world of stock media, Pond5 is a player. The media marketplace at Pond5 just got more competitive for those who contribute 3D artwork, photos, video and music to … I wonder if Pond5 seriously considered an Exclusive Option for Music Contributors, similar to what they offer to their Video Artists: Become a Pond5 Exclusive Video Artist License your footage exclusively through Pond5 for benefits including a higher revenue share, faster curation, and … Pond 5 also has a low payout threshold of just $25 and all of their agreements are non-exclusive , so you’re free to distribute your work anywhere you choose. Pond5 Review: Our verdict. Nov 9. Dedicated support. Pond5 is a venture-backed company funded by Accel Partners and Stripes Group with offices in NYC, Dublin, Prague, and London. By Eliska Kubesova. They have very wide options for the content creators and they are really creative. 30 Jan 2013 Pond5 Review. Pond5 is a stock agency specialized in stock footage. uvox4 « on: ... Not good for the contributor >>> also not good for the Agency. In this Dreamstime Review you will see that they are one of the top stock photography agencies which is a popular buyer and contributor stock photo agency. Read 2 more reviews about Pond5 Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore JBP 1 review. Interestingly, Pond5 doesn’t own content on its site but instead sells the content that is created and owned by its contributors, who determine the selling price and earn 50% of revenue. Replies 182; Created Nov 2; Last Reply Dec 10; Top Posters In This Topic. Footage Music Sound Effects After Effects Images 3D Models. 10. News & Reviews. For a well-balanced Pond5 review, I created a list of pros and cons, that will help you better understand its advantages and disadvantages. Some Questions & Answers. There are four file sizes available for clients: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Education. Nov 4. We are inspired by your passion! Pros. This despite Subberstock having many more downloads. Part 1: How To Sell Content On Adobe Stock On behalf of them, and the rest of us here at Pond5, we want to say thank you for the feedback, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! This is a first for me and it is still very early days in the month but Shutterstock is running third behind Pond5 which is second and Adobe Stock leading the way. The integration of the Pond5’s high-quality footage clips into Adobe Stock gives customers access to Pond5 collection directly from the Creative Cloud applications. Inspiration. Pond5 is different from other microstocks because you can set your own price for assets and they pay 50% royalties from that price. When I started it took a few months to get my first sale, but after months of contributing, sale continue to increase and it doesn't appear that it will slow down. Reply. (Read 21908 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. That’s unique with the big microstock agencies! Reply from Pond5. Download Contributor stock photos at the best stock photography agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock photos, images and pictures at reasonable prices. Protect your value. We provide the platform to reach buyers worldwide. By empowering artists to set their own prices, Pond5 is unique among its competitors. ALL. Their marketplace sells a variety of media assets including: stock video, photography, illustrations, music, sound effects, after effects and 3D. It's a testament to the quality of our amazing contributor community that you're able to find what you need at high quality! This video includes a guide to upload into Pond5 and my first stock image sale. We enthusiastically promote diversity and inclusion across our global team. 11. Pond5 Review. For each sale you receive much more than the industry standard. Would love to be able to have a conversation with you about this- or put you in touch with our CEO, who feels as passionately about this as I do. As a contributor you get to decide on the price for each file, and every time it sells, you get 50% of the revenue. This makes it a lucrative opportunity for contributors also given that you don’t need to pass any exam. Home / Education. Pond5 is truly an amazing service and I adore it!

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